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We provide chemical specialty products, specifically chemical additives, to our customers, blenders and finished lubes manufacturers, around the world who makes products that are useful in everyday life. Our additives help to improve a wide variety of materials, including finished lubricants, plastics, rubber, fuel additives, metal-working materials,water treatment, oilfield products and polymers for use in industrial applications.  

We are engaged in R&D, manufacturing and supply of lubricant additive. R&D at Shamrock is focused on new product development in response to market trends and our customer`s demand. 

We fulfill the needs of end-users, lubricant manufacturers and fuel companies. We offer a high level of flexibility and remain your ONE STOP SHOP in the lubricants industry.

Shamrock has acquired a wealth of experience in over 20 years associated with the oil, petroleum and petrochemicals, finished lubes, additives and related industries. We believe in high quality products and service. We are additive suppliers of a balanced mix of our own POLYNOL® brand and distributed products to the market.

An ISO 9001:2000 certified company; we take pride in the fact that our list of clients includes the industry leaders of the markets we serve. Our sacrosanct commitment to quality is reflected in the infrastructure for blending and research and development housed in our manufacturing facility.

We concentrate on supplies and manufactures specialty additives, rust and corrosion inhibitors, finished lubricants and chemicals for the associated industries.

Within our product portfolio presented:

Lubricants additives

Lubricant additives include wide range of additives and additive package and are designed to meet the strictest OEM and API requirements::

Fuel additives / Fuel Supplements

Additive packages with dispersant/detergent effect along with organometallic catalyst, octane/cetane booster, R&O type additive helps to give clean burning with maximum output.

In our portfolio we have:

Oil additives and oil refining auxiliaries

With best quality, reasonable price,prompt delivery and excellent technical support, our corrosion inhibitor and crude oildemulsifiers are widely used in some renowned large oilfields.  

Our product range contains additives agents of refinery oil, such as:

Oilfield Chemicals Agents include:

Shamrock offers one of the widest arrays of lubricant additives available anywhere to the compounder/blender. Our core product line of Viscosity modifiers and engine oil additives answers the technology requirement needed in modern automotive techniques.

We deliver all products in bulk – by Flexitanks (please read more about it), by IBC-containers and drums. Receive your products with the cost-effective door-to-door delivery worldwide.

If you have particular interest in a product which is not listed on this page, please contact us directly as we probably have a product in our range that will meet your requirements. 

For more information please contact us at: